3-d Keychains

In class early last week we had the task of using tinkercad 3-d printing software to create keychains with our names that were convex, so that we could hydro dip them. Hydro dipping is the task of spraying whatever colors you want in a bucket of water then dipping your keychain in the water (watch you fingers!) and the result was a multicolored keychain!

CYO jumping frog Orgami


What did you think of it?

It was kinda interesting at first, but then it was really fun, and you had a real sense of accomplishment afterwords

Were you successful?


What was challenging?

Folding the frog! Argh!

What was easy?

Nothing really, it took time and patience

How could you improve it?

I would probably try to find a lighter battery that didn’t weigh it down as much, or I would find self powered LED lights