What was hard: at first I kept on failing to understand how to use each tool in the photoshop browser, but after practice it became a lot easier. What was easy: Finding things to mess with on Photoshop! That was a lot of fun. What I learned: how to operate photoshop like a pro. What I would change: maybe my choice of images

Rope Puzzle

Introducing, the latest of our CYO projects: The Rope Puzzle!

We first used saws to draw off pieces of wood, put holes in those pieces of wood, then threaded string with beads and cones through. It was very fun to make, as using the drills was really entertaining! I was REALLY challenged to use the string and thread it through the cones and beads, it was so hard! During this project I learned how to use power tools (Saw and Drill). If I was to build another of these, I would attempt a different type of string or bead, to see if it affects the outcome.